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Google Play Apple Store access to over 200 exercises content created by SLPs no ads stimulates learning through play Language development has gone mobile! real time, interactive speech therapy boost language development results headset_mic LIVE language therapy Learn more Your personal digital clinic real-time interactive speech therapy for children, speech therapists & parents. access to dedicated tools tools designed to help speech therapists easy parent- therapist communication speech therapy exercises and video conferencing tailored for children, parents and speech therapists headset_mic Create account Learn more Your personal digital clinic specialised in language development!
VoxiKids App
Develop your language through play! With the mobile app, children can practice between speech therapy sessions. You have access anytime and anywhere to over 200 interactive speech therapy exercises!* for now available only in Ro
VoxiKids App
We know how difficult it can be to find educational games. Now practicing the language at home is much more enjoyable!
It's easier for parents to practice with their little one with the VoxiKids App.* for now available only in RO
Voxi Clinic
The first digital clinic dedicated to language development! Organise speech therapy sessions online or in the office with access to appropriate materials. As a speech therapist, you save time, share knowledge and earn more!
Voxi Clinic
As a parent, you now have access to a speech therapist from anywhere. Your child will be able to have acces to online speech therapy sessions. All you need is a laptop / computer and a strong internet connection.


VoxiKids mobile app

How does the VoxiKids App help kids?

Language development through play:

- by playing specific exercises made into games, children can develop language and vocabulary.
- develop pronounciation, improve word articulation and correct pronounciation right in the app with the help of a voice module
- through the parent's involvement in exercise practicing

VoxiKids mobile app

How does the app help children?

Develop language skills through play!

Children develop language skills and build up vocabulary using interactive exercises created by SLPs.
All activities help practice pronunciation, improve fluency and cognitive skills. Learning through play is a fun and effective way for children to learn.
Also, we are a resource for parents to exercise with their children.

VoxiClinic - digital clinic for speech therapy

To whom VoxiClinic is addressed?

Through the digital speech therapy clinic - you have access to a speech therapist wherever you are!

Suitable for speech therapy specialists, schools, and special kindergartens, but also for parents who need a speech therapist for their children.

1. Online therapy sessions with video/ audio access and specific exercises that can be solved live while maintaining the human connection between the child and the therapist.
2. Speech therapists have at their disposal specialized content, the possibility to create their own digital exercises, patient management, files, and statistics related to the patient's evolution.
3. Parents have access to their child's development and to the SPL's recommendations.
4. Easy access from any browser.


What can you benefit from online speech therapy?

You can have access to a speech therapist wherever you are!

Platform dedicated to SLPs, clinics, schools/ special kindergardens, and also parents.

1. Online speech therapy helps mentain the human connection between the child and therapist.
2. Provide online speech & language tools for therapists.
3. Improve communication between the parent and therapist.
4. Offer anyone access to a speech therapist.

Why choose Voxi Products

conținut creat de logopezi

content created by SLPs

nu conține publicitate

no ads

exerciții interactive

interactive exercises

adresează probleme de limbaj și pronunție

addresses language and pronunciation issues

potrivit pentru logopedie online și offline

suitable for online and offline therapy

conținut mereu îmbunătățit

content always improved

VoxiKids - Easy Speech! It has never been easier to speak correctly!

More than a learning tool, a unique, complete solution for the child's language development!

Try it for free!


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