The story of VoxiKids began with a speech therapy app meant to help children exercise from home. Over time, however, we realized that SPLs, parents and children need more and that we can create a virtual environment dedicated to language development so we can be closer to each other when we cannot be physically together.

This is how the virtual clinic VoxiKids Online came to life at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic when many parents and SPLs asked for a solution to remotely continue speech therapy. Because we had already laid the foundations for a speech mobile app, the idea of a complete digital platform to meet the needs created by the pandemic and be a long-term solution for children and therapists, seemed like a natural extension of the VoxiKids project.

Of course, any ambitious startup needs adequate funding, and the extraordinary feedback received so far from parents, speech therapists and investors has encouraged us to expand our plans. At the moment, we are listed on the Seedblink crowdfunding platformthrough which we want to raise 290,000 euros. These funds will go towards the development of important functionalities of the VoxiKids virtual clinic and its launch on the international market in the upcoming months. With a minimum investment of 2500 euros, you can also become a shareholder of VoxiKids in the crowdfunding system, together with Gapminder (the most important investment fund in Romania) and Celeverage, as well as other private investors who support our project. Whether you are a parent or a speech therapist, now you have the opportunity to invest in a product specially designed for you and your needs.

Being listed on Seedblink gives us the chance to become an important global presence in the e-health and edTech areas. The VoxiKids platform has a very good scaling potential, being ideal in any situation when working on language acquisition (i.e. it will certainly be useful for speech therapy offices, but also for any family and kindergarden). Currently, VoxiKids Online is still in beta testing with 25 speech therapists from Romania, and we will launch it publicly this winter. Stay tuned!

Right from the beginning, we have managed to raise more than half of the amount. This has been possible thanks to the support of our users who have downloaded VoxiKids mobile app over 10,000 times so far. Although we are developing a real online clinic, VoxiKids app remains an important project for us which we are still working on. In December 2020, we will launch a smart technology module developed in collaboration with the University Politehnica of Bucharest, which helps children improve their pronunciation in real time, and in the spring of 2021 we want to launch the premium version of the application.  

The story of VoxiKids continues also in the following year when you can be directly involved as an investor! On Seedblink website you can find our business plan and also a description of the market and our positioning on it: https://investors.seedblink.com/projects/28


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