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Language development through play!
Access over 200 exercises for speech development and correction, anywhere and at anytime.
Content created by specialists!
The app is a resource created together with SLPs, dedicated to parents who wish to practice with their kids, at home.
Improve your pronunciation!
The voice recognition module, integrated in the application, will help to practice pronunciation, highlighting the problematic sounds.
(available from May 2021)

VoxiKids mobile app

How does the VoxiKids app help children?

1. Learning through play is a method used in psychology and education that can help children develop their knowledge and skills.

2. The exercises in our app can improve children's attention, develop their vocabulary and listening skills, correct their articulation and fluency, enhance their visual and auditory memory.

3. The app includes different types of specific exercises used in speech therapy, such as comprehension exercises, color recognition, and spatial positions.

4. Improving their language skills helps children better integrate into pre-school / school & their social environment.

VoxiKids mobile app

Which kids should use the VoxiKids app?

The app is addressed to children with speech deficiencies or language/pronunciation disorders. It can be used for children between 3 and 14 years old.

Also useful for children who are learning to speak!

The VoxiKids app is a source of interactive exercises that can be used by both SPLs as a support for therapy sessions, but is intended primarily for children as a source of practice between speech therapy sessions.