I greet you from Transylvania, I am Fabiola Maior, special education teacher at the School Center for Inclusive Education No. 1 Popești, Bihor, Romania. Since 2003 I am employed as a holder in this unit and I worked as a speech therapist for several years. I fell in love with this job, with the challenges I had in recovering or developing language in children with special needs. Being at the beginning of my career, I was preoccupied with my professional training and participated in postgraduate courses, conferences, symposia, I read many specialized books to be well prepared for any new situation that arose in the therapy of language disorders of children with we work.
Popești, Bihor

Personal Statement

During these years I received many requests from parents whose children needed therapies for various language disorders and in 2019 I opened an office where I work with children with learning disabilities, language disorders and behavioral disorders. The first year was very good, but the big challenge of my professional life appeared in March 2020 when we had to teach online, to do online language recovery therapies, for that I was not ready.
It was time to study online teaching methods. The urgency of online teaching made me self-taught. I analyzed several educational platforms, different educational resources, I got in touch with other specialists in the country to see what methods and means they use.
That's how I discovered the digital clinic VoxiClinic. I tested how an online therapy session works and found that I can continue my therapeutic activity at
the professional standards of face-to-face therapy without risk to my health or the health of my clients. Children delighted with sensory games, parents more involved in language recovery therapies, reduced costs of travel to the office.
Parents who have not developed digital skills do well to create an account at this digital clinic, the risk of canceling sessions is reduced due to the fact that they have no one to leave the other children at home with when they come with the child to therapy. These are some of the benefits of VoxiClinic.
Thank you for everything you offer us and I wish you success in everything you undertake!

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