VoxiKids Team

The Story
We had our first spark in 2018 - when we researched the market to find a product that will represent us and have a major social impact. Thus, we found out that 1 in 4 children has language disorders, and there are countries where a parent can wait up to 24 months to access a speech therapist.

As a result, we set out to create a product that children would like and, also, help the parents. This is how VoxiKids mobile app was launched in 2019. It helped us understand the users' needs, and realize the importance of a speech therapist, so in 2020 we created VoxiKids - Online - a web platform dedicated to specialists.

AnaMaria Onică

Co-Founder & CEO VoxiKids

Cristian Băiță

Co-Founder & CTO VoxiKids

Adrian Enache

Co-Founder & CIO VoxiKids

Cristina Badea

Clinical Psycologist & Content Creator

Mentors & Board Members

Matei Dumitrescu

Entrepreneur & Investor

With 20 years of business experience in which
he guided, trained and accelerated over 1.000 startups.

investments in +15 startups

Mihai Guran

VoxiKids Lead Investor

With 25 years of expertise in business strategy,
sales and marketing organization development
and marketing and international operations.

ex VP of Enterprise Sales - Bitdefender

3 months after the launch of the mobile app prototype, we had 3.000 downloads and in 6 months we reached number 1 as the most used app in Romania in the education segment. We currently have over 10.000 downloads and the platform that allows online therapy, in the demo version, has over 40 SPLs who use it.

We realized that this way we can help children spell, pronounce new words and even form sentences. We have a complex product that enhances the children's intellect. We managed to leave a positive mark in the lives of children, parents and obviously speech therapists.
These things have given us the confidence to continue, grow our team with professionals and partners who come up with the most innovative approaches, thus resulting a product adapted to the needs of our customers.
We are confident that we will help tomorrow more children than yesterday. You can contact us at contact@voxikids.com