Do you need inspiration to entertain your child this winter holiday? Here are some examples of winter crafts which you can make together:

1. Homemadesnow

So what if it didn't snow yet? With only two ingredients, you can make homemade snow that doesn't melt and that can safely be used by the little ones.

Necessary ingredients: baking soda and conditioner (you can also use shaving cream instead of conditioner). The proportions depend on how much snow you want to make. You can start mixing small quantities of conditioner or shaving cream with baking soda, until the snow reaches the desired consistency. If the mixture is too thick, add more conditioner or shaving cream. If it's too wet, add more baking soda. You have reached the right consistency when you can easily make a snowball.

From the obtained snow you make together snowmen or decorating crafts like buttons, peppercorn, thyme sprigs, ribbons, tinsel or glitter. Snow doesn't create any allergic skin reactions and it is not cold. Children can play with it fior hours! At the end, you can easily sweep it and throw it in the dustbin.

2. Paper snowflakes

If you want to decorate the windows in a fun and creative way, try to make paper snow flakes. The flakes can be also used to decorate Christmas wreaths or as Christmas tree decorations.

All you need is a pair of scissors, square-shaped pieces of paper and a rich imagination! Crafting the snowflakes will consist of folding the paper into increasingly smaller triangles and cutting off the edges into the desired shape. There is no exact formula for the snowflake design and it's best to be creative with it. Here is some advice on how to begin:

  • For A4 paper - make a square by folding a corner until you form a large triangle. Then, trim the edge that sticks out.
  • Fold the large triangle in two, from the top to the bottom corner, to obtain a smaller triangle.
  • Fold the smaller triangle into three, from left to right (like you would do to make a paper plane) and cut the extra paper at the base to obtain a new triangle.
  • Now it's the time to be creative! You can cut straight or wavy pieces into the edges of the paper triangle to obtain a pattern. These cutouts can be bigger or smaller, the important part is not to cut too deeply into the triangle and section the snowflake in two.
  • Ultimul pas! Desfășoară cu grijă fulgul de nea împachetat, pentru a descoperi modelul obținut!

Fulgii de nea decupați astfel poți fi atârnați pe sfoară colorată sau legați pe un set de luminițe de brad pentru un efect wow! Pentru și mai multă creativitate, cei mici pot colora fulgii din hârtie în diverse culori sau îi pot decora cu desene. Imaginația lor e nelimitată!


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