Face-to-face therapy for correcting language deficiencies has always been the standard in speech therapy. Today, however, in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and repeated quarantine situations, it is much more difficult, sometimes even impossible, to participate in in-person therapy sessions. Fortunately, new technologies allow us to translate into the online environment all the materials and tools we need to acces therapy sessions on the Internet, at the same standards as in the case of face-to-face therapy. ședințe de terapie logopedică pe internet, la aceleași standarde ca în cazul terapiei față în față. 

5 reasons to try online therapy through VoxiClinic:

1. Parents can get involved more easily

We already know that parental involvement is very important in the harmonious development of the child. And in correcting language deficiencies, parent's participation or observations can be a great advantage. Unlike traditional methods, in which the child participates in office meetings, in the case of online therapy the parent can be present during the session. In this way he can better understand what is happening or how to incorporate the techniques practiced in the child's daily schedule.

2. You will make better use of the resources you already have at home

Tele-therapy assumes that and children will connect to the therapeutic session at home, while the specialist will connect from his office or home. Because the family does not have access to the resources needed, the speech therapist will use the online materials and use creatively the objects that already exist in the child's environment. The therapy thus becomes more ingenious and the family is encouraged to try objects and activities that are easily accessible at home. This helps the therapy to become an integral part of the child's life.

3. Clinica digitală VoxiClinic este versatilă și creativă

 Children are very motivated by technology and serious games, and VoxiClinic provides them with a lot of fun exercises, animations and activities that a speech therapists can use during sessions. They children also have access to all the exercises in the form of a game in the VoxiKids mobile app, which will help them improve and exercise between therapy sessions.

4. You have a flexible schedule and mobility is no longer an issue

Tele-therapy will allow you to integrate therapy sessions even in a full week, and even if you can't drive. Because you will no longer waste time with transportation and will not have to navigate around your work schedule. With Voxi Clinic you will be able to easily determine, with the speech therapist, the hours when your child can connect online to participate in the speech therapy session. All you need is a computer or laptop/tablet and a strong and stable Internet connection

voxikids & voxiclinic

5. Your child will progress steadily, uninterrupted 

Children who stop attending therapy sessions have a higher risk of stagnation or even regression in language acquisition or correction of speech deficiencies. In the long run, this means that they will need even more therapy, and development goals will be even harder to achieve. Tele-therapy helps children avoid stagnation or regression and continue their therapy even in situations when they cannot go to the office.


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